Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lads with Long Locks

Lads with Long Locks

Have a look at these lads with their long luxurious locks!

This neatbook page has been coming around little by little for ages-- a botched and dirty free-style watercolor page that I adopted as a place for mindless doodling of tons of gloriously flowing hair.

So, I went the whole month of July with out updating this blog, but not for lack of art-ing. July was pretty great: There was the starting of a full time temp job, a house guest, an amusement park trip, my birthday, and various other fun distractions. Because of all that goodness, I have just plain been neglecting the internet. I am working on so many things at once right now so it may be some time before I have anything finished to post, but I will attempt to update here more often.

Up next (in a few short moments, actually), a new painting to finish an old series. Stick around.

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