Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Camp Cigma: Magician's Camp

I recently had the great pleasure of designing the new website for Camp Cigma, a fantastic magician's day camp in Sarasota, FL. Today is launch day, and the new site is online!

The owners / creators of the camp—Elia Chesnoff (aka Ilan), Josh Corn, & Lydia Corn—are all kind and amazing people and very good friends of mine. Naturally, I was excited to work with Camp Cigma, both as a camp counselor and as a web designer this summer.

For the Camp Cigma website, I not only designed and created the website, but I also got to do a fun background illustration, filled with camp-related imagery and inside jokes. Here's a screen shot of the site, with the full background illustration:

Cigma Launch Screenshot

And here is a close up of the left and right halves of the background illustration, side by side:

Both Completed Halves

And, in case you are curious, here are the original inked images, before digital editing:

Clouds - Original Inks Camp Object Imagery - Original Inks

Anyone in the Sarasota area during the summer should definitely look into sending their children there. Check it out. It's an amazing experience, and I was glad to be a part of it!
And if you are ever looking for a magician/illusionist for any sort of event, anywhere, I can recommend no one better than my talented friend, Ilan, whose website update, incidentally, is my next web project.

For news and updates about Camp Cigma, be sure to join their Newsletter mailing list!