Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Space Bar - Part One

Meet Gunther.


He hails from the planet Slugulon, and is the bartender and owner of a great little place in outer space, the SPACE BAR, an Intergalactic Liquid and Comestible Consumption Center of Sector 7Z-5, Orbiting the 3rd Moon of Zentrilox 4, the Rogue Planet.


It's a rough job but an interesting one. You never know who will walk in and what will happen in a bar in outer space.

Order up

As a group project for stop-motion, a couple of classmates and I worked to put together this fun little animation. We built the set together, each made our own characters (mine is Gunther, the bartender), and had a great time shooting and editing.

It was ridiculously fun to put this project together, from start to finish. Our teacher, Juliette Marchand, was amazing, and it was great working with my classmates, with especial thanks to Harold Brenkus, Anya Ewing, and Graham Wilson. Thanks guys!

Here are a couple of behind the scenes images:

Behind the Scenes
^Anya, animating while Harold watches.

The Set
^Graham, waiting to animate.

The final project will be up soon!