Thursday, April 30, 2009


Alright, alright, we won't waste time talking about why I was missing for so long. Please forgive me -- I am here now, and I come bearing gifts! As promised, they are not from my sketchbook, for a change.

Dancing in the Night:

Watering the Flowers:
Watering the Flowers

Also, I have updated my Flickr with a new Illustration set. Here's a piece from a long time ago (almost a year now) that I never got around to putting up, though I've always meant to. It's a follow up to Secrets. Click on it to go to the Flickr page and go to all sizes, where you can view it much larger indeed.


More later, and soon!


  1. I love it all! The amount of water droplets is perfect and I love the color palette. And it seems like you have finally finished TELEPHONE and its adorable.

  2. These dancer are now my official new favorite thing you've ever done.

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  4. Nancy, like always, these are amazing and you're my hero of paint and color.

    I'm pretty sure the detail and love in these pieces speaks to anything but laziness, my love. <3

  5. The light and fashion in that top one is niiiiii-iiiiiice.

  6. 2e - I finished Telephone over a year ago! You don't remember?
    Tyler - Favorite? Really? That makes me so happy :)
    Meggles - Thank you! I am trying my best to work harder, and I can only hope that it shows every now and then.

  7. Oh Nancy. You inspire ME! That dancing one is awesome, and probably tied with cooking scene (the one you made a postcard of) as my favorite....soo much good stuff!!!